Making the Leap: Career Opportunities in Malta for Nepalese

Career Opportunities in Malta for Nepalese, The dream of working abroad, experiencing new cultures, and expanding one’s horizons is shared by many. For Nepalese job seekers, Malta presents an enticing opportunity for career growth and personal development. In this article, we will delve into the various career opportunities available in Malta for Nepalese nationals and explore how United Human Resources LT is paving the way for Nepalese expatriates to make the leap into a promising future.

Opportunities Await in Malta

Diverse Job Roles

Malta, a picturesque Mediterranean island nation, has been steadily growing its economy, creating diverse job opportunities for foreign workers. United Human Resources LT, a prominent player in the Maltese job market, offers an array of positions suited for Nepalese expatriates. From delivery riders and drivers to food and beverage servers and laborer staff, there are roles across various industries waiting to be filled.

Flexible Working Hours

With a standard working day of 8 hours per shift and a 6-day workweek, Malta offers a balance between work and leisure. For those looking to increase their income, overtime opportunities are also available, providing a chance to boost earnings while gaining valuable work experience.

Exploring Job Roles: Career Opportunities in Malta for Nepalese

1. Delivery Rider

If you have a knack for navigating through bustling streets and delivering packages promptly, this role is tailor-made for you. As a delivery rider, you’ll be an essential part of Malta’s fast-paced delivery network.

2. Driver

For those with a valid driver’s license and a passion for the open road, a driving position might be the perfect fit. Transport goods and people across this charming Mediterranean island.

3. Food and Beverage Server

The hospitality industry in Malta is thriving, and experienced food and beverage servers are in high demand. Put your skills to good use in the vibrant restaurant scene.

4. Labourer Staff Duties

Career Opportunities in Malta for Nepalese, If you’re a hands-on individual with experience in labor-intensive roles, opportunities abound. Join the workforce as a labourer, contributing to various projects across the island.

Two-Year Work Duration

United Human Resources LT provides job contracts with a duration of two years, offering job security and a stable work environment for Nepalese expatriates. This allows workers to plan for their future with confidence and stability.

Experience Counts

To succeed in the Maltese job market, candidates are typically required to have relevant experience in their field. United Human Resources LT understands the importance of matching skilled workers with suitable positions, ensuring both the employer and employee benefit from the arrangement.

About United Human Resources LT

United Human Resources LT is a reputable recruitment agency in Malta dedicated to helping Nepalese job seekers find employment opportunities in the country. With a strong commitment to ethical recruitment practices and a focus on the welfare of their workers, United Human Resources LT has gained a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.

The agency maintains a comprehensive database of job openings, facilitates the recruitment process, and assists with the necessary paperwork, making the transition to work in Malta a seamless experience for Nepalese expatriates.

Interview Opportunity – Career Opportunities in Malta for Nepalese

Sara Khasa Human Resource Private Limited, Kathmandu, Nepal, has scheduled interviews from the 10th to the 15th of October 2023. This is an excellent chance to secure a position in Malta and begin your journey towards a fulfilling career and life abroad. Career Opportunities in Malta for Nepalese


Career Opportunities in Malta for Nepalese, Malta’s growing economy, diverse job market, and the support of organizations like United Human Resources LT make it an attractive destination for Nepalese job seekers looking to explore career opportunities abroad. With flexible working hours, two-year work contracts, and a range of job roles, Malta offers a promising future for those willing to make the leap.

So, if you’re a Nepalese professional with dreams of working in a picturesque Mediterranean setting, seize this opportunity and consider Malta as your next career destination. With the right guidance and support, your dreams of an international career can become a reality.

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