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Afrahim Dhu Al Noor Trading & Services company currently demand reliable Nepalese workers with good salary Up-to 1,95,852. Business executives are responsible for the overall management of a company. They set goals and objectives, identify opportunities for growth, develop strategies to reach those goals, and ensure that all areas of the business are operating efficiently. Cashiers are responsible for handling customer transactions at retail stores or restaurants. They process payments, issue receipts, count money in the cash drawers, and answer customers’ questions.

Labours are responsible for performing manual labour tasks such as building, maintenance, and repairs. They set up scaffolding, lift heavy objects, use tools to cut or shape materials, and operate machinery. Market managers oversee the daily operations of a retail store or restaurant. They hire and manage staff, create budgets, advertise products and services, ensure customer satisfaction, and analyze the performance of their store or restaurant.

Representatives are responsible for representing a company in various settings such as trade shows or conferences. They may provide product training to customers, answer questions about the company’s offerings, promote new products or services, and provide feedback on customer experiences.

Sales employees are responsible for selling products or services to customers. They may create sales presentations, answer customer inquiries, deliver product demonstrations, and close deals. Salesmen staff are responsible for providing customer service at stores or restaurants. They help customers find the right products, process payments, offer advice on products, and resolve customer complaints. They may also help to set up displays or restock shelves.

Office Name in Nepal Bluemoon Overseas Nepal Private Limited
LT No 268829
Country Qatar
Name of Company Afrahim Dhu Al Noor Trading & Services
Approval Date 2079/04/22

The Bluemoon Overseas Nepal Private Limited office is dedicated to providing Nepalese workers with access to foreign employment opportunities. The company has built strong relationships with employers abroad, allowing them to provide their clients with the best possible positions in a range of industries and countries.

At Bluemoon, the team understands the needs of those looking for foreign employment, and take the time to explain the process step-by-step. The office is well equipped with the latest technology and resources that enable them to provide a smooth and efficient experience to those seeking employment abroad.

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