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Palakata Trading Contracting & Hospitality WLL, A Qatar-based company, has announced a demand for Nepalese workers. The company has stated that it is looking for workers who are willing to work hard and are interested in long-term employment. It has also been saying that Nepal is a country with a large pool of talented and skilled workers and that it is keen to tap into this potential.

Palakata Trading Contracting & Hospitality WLL has said that it will provide all necessary support to Nepalese workers who are interested in working in Qatar. It has also said that it is committed to ensuring that all workers are treated fairly and with respect.

The driver is responsible for driving company vehicles and ensuring that they are properly maintained. The foreman is responsible for managing the construction site and ensuring that the work is completed on time. The general supervisor is responsible for overseeing the entire construction project and ensuring that all the workers are properly coordinated.

The mason is responsible for laying the bricks and mortar for the construction project. The representative is responsible for representing the company in meetings with the clients. The supervisor staff is responsible for supervising the work of the other workers and ensuring that they are properly trained.

Office Name in Nepal Srishti Overseas Employment Services Private Limited
LT No 270667
Country Qatar
Name of Company Palakata Trading Contracting & Hospitality WLL
Approval Date 2079-05-16

We are looking for motivated and hard-working individuals to join our team of 09 male workers at 6 posts. This is an urgent demand, so applicants must be able to start as soon as possible. The monthly salary for this position will range from Rs 42,588 to Rs 88,325, depending on the experience and qualifications of the applicants.

The working hours are 8 hours a day and 6 days a week, with provision for overtime according to the company’s rules. Food will also be provided free of charge from all companies involved. The contract period for this position is for 2 years, with the potential of renewal after the expiry of the initial contract.

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