General workers and cleaners workers demand in Romania

Candor Recruitment Services SRL is a well-known recruitment company in Romania that has been in business for many years. Recently, the company has been in high demand for Nepalese workers in two different posts. The salary facilities offered by the company are very attractive, and this has made it a popular choice among Nepalese job seekers. If you are interested in working in Romania, Candor Recruitment Services SRL is a great option to consider.

The company offers good salary packages and is able to provide you with the necessary support to help you settle into your new job. The duties of general workers and cleaners can vary depending on their specific job role and employer. However, some common duties may include cleaning designated areas, emptying trash cans, sweeping and mopping floors, and dusting surfaces. In some cases, they may also be responsible for setting up or breaking down equipment, stocking supplies, and performing general maintenance tasks.

General workers and cleaners typically work in commercial, industrial, or public settings. We are looking for general workers and cleaners with at least 1 year of experience. The ideal candidates will be reliable, hardworking, and detail-oriented. They will be responsible for performing a variety of tasks, including cleaning, stocking, and general maintenance. The ability to work independently is essential.

Office Name in Nepal Kathmandu International Incorporate Private Limited
LT No 268234
Country Romania
Name of Company Candor Recruitment Services SRL
Approval Date 2079-04-12

In today’s world, finding a job that offers good pay and benefits can be a challenge. However, there are some jobs that offer great pay and benefits, and one of those is working 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, with overtime available. This job also provides food and accommodation, and the work period is only 2 years. This is an excellent opportunity for those who are looking for a good job with great pay and benefits.

Nepalese workers who want to work abroad should contact the relevant office in order to obtain the necessary permit. The office will provide the necessary paperwork and will also help to facilitate the process. Once the permit is obtained, the worker will be able to work in the country of their choice.

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