Heavy Vehicle Driver | Labour | Driver | Supervisor workers demand in Qatar

Al Ghaith Trading & Industrial Services Co LLC is a well-known company in Qatar that has recently announced a job vacancy for Nepali workers. The position comes with a high salary and benefits package. If you are a Nepali worker looking for employment opportunities abroad, this could be an excellent chance for you to start your career in Qatar. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and apply now!

Nepali workers have highly sought after for their reputation of being hardworking, reliable, and experienced in their respective fields. Employers often prioritize Nepali workers for positions that require physical labor or technical expertise, such as construction, hospitality, and caregiving. Their dedication and work ethic make them an asset to any organization or household. However, it is important to ensure fair treatment and respect for Nepali workers and their rights as migrant workers.

This job requires a commitment of 6 days a week for 8-10 hours a day, with the possibility of overtime according to the company’s policies. However, it also offers free food and lodging, and the work period is limited to only 2 years. If you are looking for a short-term opportunity with ample benefits, this job may be worth considering.

HEAVY VEHICLE DRIVER: Heavy vehicle drivers are responsible for operating and maintaining large trucks and other heavy vehicles, transporting goods and materials to various destinations. They must possess a valid driver’s license and comply with safety regulations while on the road.

LABOUR: Labour workers perform manual tasks such as lifting, carrying, and loading materials. They often work in physically demanding environments and must follow safety protocols to prevent injury.

DRIVER: Drivers, in general, are responsible for operating vehicles to transport people, goods or materials. They must follow traffic laws, maintain the vehicle’s condition and communicate effectively with their passengers or other drivers on the road.

SUPERVISOR: Supervisor staff duties may vary depending on the industry, but generally involve overseeing the work of employees to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and safely. They may be responsible for scheduling shifts, delegating tasks, and providing training and support to their team.

Looking for a great job opportunity in Qatar? Look no further than this company! They offer attractive salaries and excellent benefits for Nepali workers. Contact their Apple Overseas Private Limited Manpower office today to learn more about available positions and associated costs. Don’t miss out on this fantastic employment opportunity!

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