Job opening in Japan 5 different company for a Nepali workers

One potential career opportunity for Nepalese workers in Japan is as a skilled construction worker. Japan is currently experiencing a shortage of skilled labor in the construction industry, and is actively recruiting workers from other countries. With the appropriate qualifications and language skills, Nepalese workers could find well-paying jobs in this field. Additionally, Japan’s economy is diverse, and there may be other opportunities in fields such as IT, healthcare, or hospitality.

A scaffolder is responsible for assembling and disassembling scaffolding structures that are used to support workers and equipment during construction or maintenance activities. They must be able to read blueprints and work at heights, ensuring that the scaffolding is safe and stable. Scaffolders also inspect and maintain the equipment to ensure it remains in good condition.

Poultry farming workers are responsible for the care and management of poultry, including feeding, watering, and monitoring the health of the birds. They must maintain clean and sanitary conditions in the poultry houses, as well as collect eggs and perform other tasks related to the production of poultry products. Poultry farming workers may also assist with the construction and maintenance of facilities and equipment, and may help with the processing and packaging of poultry products. Overall, they play an essential role in ensuring the success and profitability of poultry farming operations.

Scaffolder and poultry farming workers must possess the qualities of hard work, experience, and friendliness to excel in their respective fields. Scaffolding requires physical labor, technical skills, and safety awareness, while poultry farming demands attention to animal welfare, hygiene, and production targets. Both jobs benefit from a team-oriented approach and effective communication. A positive and approachable attitude can also help build strong working relationships and contribute to a safe and productive work environment.

This job requires full-time commitment, with 8-10 hour shifts, 6 days a week. Overtime is also available as per company rules. It is essential to have good time management skills and be able to maintain a work-life balance while meeting job requirements. Effective communication and teamwork are also important for success in this role. It is crucial to follow safety guidelines and prioritize personal well-being to prevent burnout.

The offered salary range is between Rs 1,47,131 to Rs 1,86,190. While accommodation facility is available, there is no provision for food. Candidates should consider their food expenses while evaluating the overall compensation package.

If you’re interested in working for 5 companies in Japan, you can reach out to the relevant Manpower office in Kathmandu. They can provide information on job openings, requirements, and visa processes. It’s important to research and understand the company culture and language requirements before applying. Good luck with your job search!

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