Jobs in Romania & Qatar 2023

Jobs in Romania & Qatar 2023, In the ever-evolving landscape of global employment, opportunities for foreign workers are on the rise. This rings especially true for Nepali workers in 2023, as two reputable companies, Mymateoo Star SRL in Romania and Esteem First Trading And Contracting Co in Qatar, have announced job vacancies. This article aims to shed light on these exciting prospects, offering detailed insights into the job opportunities, salaries, working conditions, and interview procedures for Nepali workers looking to work abroad.

Jobs in Romania & Qatar 2023: With Good Salary

Jobs in Romania & Qatar 2023, Mymateoo Star SRL (Romania) and Esteem First Trading And Contracting Co (Qatar) have emerged as prominent players in the international job market, opening doors for Nepali workers. Both companies are currently in high demand for male workers, with a total of 24 positions available. This presents a golden opportunity for Nepali job seekers seeking employment abroad.

Salary Packages – Jobs in Romania & Qatar 2023

Jobs in Romania & Qatar 2023, One of the primary attractions for Nepali workers considering these job opportunities is the competitive salary packages being offered. Salaries range from NPR 40,315 to NPR 91,620, providing a stable and lucrative income for those who secure these positions. The salaries reflect the companies’ commitment to compensating their workers fairly for their contributions.

Working Hours and Conditions

Jobs in Romania & Qatar 2023, The standard working hours for employees in these positions are 8 hours per shift, with a 6-day workweek. Additionally, both companies offer overtime opportunities, allowing workers to boost their earnings while contributing to their respective industries. These companies prioritize the well-being of their employees, ensuring that they receive adequate rest and compensation for their efforts.

Facilities and Benefits

Jobs in Romania & Qatar 2023, To make the transition for Nepali workers as smooth as possible, Mymateoo Star SRL and Esteem First Trading And Contracting Co offer a range of facilities and benefits. Both companies provide food and accommodation, reducing the burden on employees and ensuring they can focus on their work without worrying about these essential needs. This provision not only enhances the overall quality of life but also fosters a sense of security among the employees.

Duration of Work

The job opportunities in Romania and Qatar are not short-term commitments. Workers who secure these positions can expect a two-year contract, providing them with job stability and the chance to gain valuable international work experience. This duration ensures that employees have the time to settle into their roles and contribute effectively to the companies.

Interview Process

Jobs in Romania & Qatar 2023, For those eager to seize these opportunities, the interview date has been set for 10 October 2023. Preparing for the interview is crucial to increase your chances of success. Dress professionally, prepare a strong resume, and be ready to showcase your skills and experience. The interview is your chance to demonstrate your suitability for the positions, so approach it with confidence and enthusiasm.

Contact Information

Jobs in Romania & Qatar 2023, To get more information about the job vacancies and to apply, contact Shuvam Overseas Employment Private Limited, the authorized agency facilitating the recruitment process. They will guide you through the application process, help you prepare for the interview, and provide any necessary assistance to make your dream of working in Romania or Qatar a reality.


The job opportunities in Romania and Qatar for Nepali workers in 2023 are promising and offer a chance for personal and professional growth. With competitive salaries, good working conditions, and support provided by Mymateoo Star SRL and Esteem First Trading And Contracting Co, these positions present a pathway to a brighter future. If you are a Nepali worker seeking to expand your horizons and explore new employment opportunities, seize this chance to make your mark on the global job market.

In conclusion, these job vacancies in Romania and Qatar are a testament to the increasing globalization of the job market and the growing demand for Nepali workers in various industries. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on an exciting journey to work in these two reputable companies and make a positive impact on your career and life. The interview date is approaching, so take action now and reach out to Shuvam Overseas Employment Private Limited to kickstart your international career.

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