Top Industries for Expats: Jobs in Romania

Jobs in Romania, Are you an expatriate looking for job opportunities in Romania? Look no further! Romania offers a range of industries actively seeking skilled workers from around the world. In this article, we will delve into the top industries in Romania, and we’ll also introduce you to exclusive job opportunities with European Immigration Service SRL and Wise Facility Management SRL for both male and female Nepalese workers. Jobs in Romania

Exploring the Romanian Job Market – Jobs in Romania

Romania, situated in Southeast Europe, has experienced remarkable economic growth in recent years. This economic boom has led to a thriving job market with numerous opportunities for expatriates. Let’s dive into some of the top industries currently in high demand. Jobs in Romania

Exclusive Opportunities with European Immigration Service SRL and Wise Facility Management SRL

If you’re a Nepalese job seeker eager to work in Romania, there are exceptional opportunities awaiting you with two reputable companies: European Immigration Service SRL and Wise Facility Management SRL. These companies are actively recruiting 21 male and female Nepalese workers for various positions, including skilled workers, general workers, housekeepers, welders, shuttering carpenters, and masons.

Duties for Various Job Positions in Romania

Skilled Workers

Skilled workers in Romania play a crucial role in various industries, including construction and manufacturing. Their duties often involve using specialized skills and tools to complete tasks efficiently. These tasks may include fabricating, assembling, and installing various components, maintaining equipment, and ensuring the quality and safety of the work.

General Workers

General workers are the backbone of many industries in Jobs in Romania. Their responsibilities can vary widely depending on the sector, but they often involve tasks like assisting skilled workers, maintaining cleanliness and organization at the worksite, operating basic equipment, and following safety protocols. General workers are essential for the smooth operation of various projects.


Housekeepers in Romania work primarily in the hospitality and tourism industry. Their duties encompass ensuring the cleanliness and tidiness of hotel rooms, resorts, or other accommodations. This includes changing linens, replenishing amenities, vacuuming, dusting, and maintaining a welcoming environment for guests.


Welders in Romania are responsible for joining metal components using various welding techniques. Their duties involve reading blueprints, selecting appropriate welding equipment, ensuring proper weld quality, and following safety guidelines. Welders are instrumental in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

Shuttering Carpenters

Shuttering carpenters are specialized carpenters who work in the construction industry. Their primary duty is to create formwork or molds for concrete structures. This involves accurately measuring and cutting materials, assembling formwork, and ensuring it is sturdy and in the right position for concrete pouring.


Masons are skilled craftsmen who work with various construction materials, such as bricks, concrete blocks, and stones. Their duties include laying and aligning bricks or blocks, applying mortar, and constructing walls, foundations, and other structures. Masons are critical to the construction industry’s success, ensuring the structural integrity and aesthetics of buildings.

Job Details:

  • Experience: While experienced staff is preferred, both companies are willing to provide on-the-job training for those who are new to the industry.
  • Working Hours: The daily working hours are 8 hours, with 6 shifts per week, ensuring a balanced work-life schedule.
  • Contract Duration: The employment contract has a duration of two years, offering job stability.

Competitive Salary Range

Both European Immigration Service SRL and Wise Facility Management SRL offer competitive salaries ranging from Rs 72,914 to Rs 86,170, ensuring that employees are fairly compensated for their hard work and dedication.

Application Process

To seize these exciting Jobs in Romania, interested Nepalese job seekers are encouraged to reach out to Wise International Nepal Private Limited, located in Kathmandu, Nepal. Mark your calendars for the interview date on 31st October 2023, and take the first step towards an enriching career Jobs in Romania.


Romania’s flourishing job market and diverse industries make it an appealing destination for expatriates in search of Jobs in Romania. With the exclusive job openings offered by European Immigration Service SRL and Wise Facility Management SRL, Nepalese workers have a unique chance to embark on a fulfilling journey in Romania. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a newcomer to the job market, Romania’s welcoming environment and robust industries are ready to embrace you. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to work in one of Europe’s most promising destinations!

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