Need kitchen hand / Dishwasher staff part-time / full-time shift

Looking for experienced kitchen hand and dishwasher staff in busy Indian restaurant based in Wyndham Vale. We are looking for candidates who have experience working in a fast-paced environment and can handle high volume workloads. The ideal candidate will be able to maintain cleanliness standards and work well under pressure. Dishwasher and kitchen hand duties include cleaning dishes, utensils

And cooking equipment; washing pots and pans; sweeping and mopping floors; taking out garbage; and stocking supplies. dishwashers may also be responsible for unloading delivery trucks, storing food, and preparing meals. Kitchen hands typically work under the supervision of a head chef or cook. Dishwashers typically start their shifts by loading dirty dishes into the dishwashing machine.

They then operate the machine according to manufacturer’s instructions. Once the cycle is complete, they remove the clean dishes and put them away. Kitchen hands also keep the dishwashing area clean and tidy. They sweep and mop floors, empty garbage cans, and wash countertops. In some cases, kitchen hands may also be responsible for preparing food.

They may chop vegetables, bake breads and cookies, or cook meat. Some kitchen hands also work as servers in restaurants. They take customers’ orders and serve them food and drinks. Kitchen hand positions are typically entry-level positions with little or no experience required. Some dishwashing experience is helpful but not necessary.

Employers typically provide on-the-job training to teach new hires how to safely operate dishwashing machines and clean dishes and cooking equipment. Kitchen hand positions often lead to other positions in the food service industry, such as cook or chef. With experience, kitchen hands can become head chefs or managers of restaurants.

If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity, please call or text me at 0435 044 656. I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and provide additional information. Thanks for your time and interest!

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