Needed reliable commercial/office cleaners Monday to Friday

For our day shift team, Incat is looking for a qualified commercial cleaner. Across the whole workplace, our cleaners are in charge of cleaning and maintaining Incat’s restroom, break room, and office facilities. The working hours for this position are Monday through Friday from 6 am to 2:20 pm. Regular manual handling and movement between work areas, particularly up and down stairs, are necessary for this position. You must have prior knowledge of commercial cleaning.

Excellent detail-orientedness and teamwork skills are required. A strong dedication to workplace safety and health. a White Card for General Construction Induction. The chosen applicant could be able to start right away. As part of Incat’s hiring procedure, candidates will be invited to an interview and pre-employment medical examination. As a commercial cleaning staff member, your duties will include maintaining the cleanliness of the premises you are assigned to.

This will require you to perform tasks such as sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors; dusting surfaces; and cleaning bathrooms. You may also be responsible for emptying trash cans and disposing of rubbish in designated areas. In some cases, you may need to assist with setting up or taking down event equipment. It is important that you are able to follow instructions carefully and pay attention to detail in order to complete your tasks effectively. You will likely work as part of a team, so it is important that you are able to work well with others.

Good communication skills are also essential, as you may need to liaise with customers or clients in some cases. It is important that you are able to maintain a professional attitude at all times. Physical fitness is also important, as commercial cleaning staff members often have to perform tasks such as lifting and moving heavy equipment. In some cases, you may need to be able to climb ladders or scaffolding in order to reach high areas.

The cleaning staff must be reliable and have excellent communication skills. Working as a cleaning staff member requires working well with others and communicating effectively. The ability to clean quickly and thoroughly is also essential. Reliability is one of the most essential qualities a cleaning staff member can have. This means showing up on time for shifts and being willing to work as needed. It is also essential to be able to follow instructions and take direction well.

Excellent communication skills are a must for cleaning staff members. This includes being able to communicate with customers, co-workers, and supervisors. Being able to understand and follow directions is also essential. Send a copy of your CV to if you’re interested in applying, or call Morgan at 03 6271 1246 for further details. Thank you

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