Total Care Pharmacy company demand Nepalese staff with good salary

Total Care Pharmacy company in Qatar is providing golden opportunity for Nepalese people to work in different 4 posts with good salary. They are providing free visa and free ticket for the candidates. This is a great opportunity for the people who are looking for a good job in Qatar. Pharmacist, cashier, salesman, and driver staff duties are important for the successful operation of a pharmacy.

Each staff member has a specific set of duties that contribute to the overall goal of providing quality care to patients. The pharmacist is responsible for dispensing medications and providing information about them to patients. The cashier handles customer transactions and ensures that all payments are processed correctly. The salesman promotes and sells pharmacy products to customers.

The driver delivers medications to patients who cannot come to the pharmacy in person. Each staff member plays a vital role in the success of the pharmacy. Total Care Pharmacy are looking for experienced staff to fill the positions of pharmacist, cashier, salesman and driver. The successful candidates must be reliable and punctual, with fluent spoken English. A successful customer service department is also essential.

Office Name in Nepal The Global Recruitment Agency Private Limited
LT No 240713
Country Qatar
Name of Company Total Care Pharmacy
Approval Date 2078/03/03

A 6-day work week with 8 hours of work per day will be followed. Food and accommodation will be provided free of charge by the company. The salary will be from 46,033 to 1,06,230 per month. This is a great opportunity for those who are looking for a challenging and rewarding job.

If you are a Nepalese worker who is interested in employment, you should contact the relevant manpower office and get all the information about the advertisement. The office will provide you with information about the job, the employer, the salary, and the working conditions. You should also ask for the contact information of the person who will be conducting the interview.

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